580 CFRA: Ottawa ACORN celebrates win in Herongate

Herongate ACORN press conference, Oct. 2 2012. Members of an advocacy group calling for reform are celebrating a win against a landlord in the Herongate area.

Ottawa ACORN has been lobbying for months to get Transglobe to put much needed repairs into homes in the low income area.

Ontario's Landlord and Tenant tribunal have awarded tenants living with mould on their windows and holes in their walls over $75,000 dollars in rebates and repairs.

ACORN member Mavis Finnamore said they've had a 95 per cent success rate in pleading out their case.

"This should really cause people who are in difficulty with their landlords to stop and think here is a chance, at least, to get after landlords who are slow with repairs or don't want to have to deal with your problems," she said.

While repairs are underway, she said more must the done to prevent landlords from neglecting their tenants--- they want the city to create legislation that would create a minimum standard for residential properties.