CKNW: Single parents see some relief in new BC Budget

Posted February 18, 2015

As of September 1st, 2015, the BC government stops clawbacks of child support payments from single parents on welfare.
The change will help some 5,400 kids in BC.
With the provincial budget solidly in the black, the Liberal government is providing a bit of relief to single parents on welfare.
“Government had decided to fully exempt child support payments from income and disability assistance.”
The biggest news sees Finance Minister Mike de Jong ending the cut to child support payments for single parents on welfare.
Currently in BC, child support received by single parents on income assistance is counted as family income, and therefore clawed back.
The issue came to light last spring when the Premier was grilled in question period  on the practice of clawing back child support payments from single moms on welfare.
At the time, Premier Christy Clark responded that “the best way out of poverty is to make sure that people are participating in economic growth, and have the skills that they need to take those jobs.”
With this result, single moms who advocated for the abolishment of child-support payment claw backs are rejoicing.
Burnaby mother [ACORN member] Diana Terrillon says it means hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of struggling families on income assistance.
“I couldn’t get him new things, he would go to school and everybody else had new clothes and new everything and I had to shop at Value Village. You try to buy your kids healthy foods, and I couldn’t buy fruits and vegetables.”
Article by Sean Leslie for CKNW