CJOB 680: Housing advocates talk Metrotown Development Plan with Derek Corrigan

Posted December 19, 2016

The rising number of ‘demovictions’ in Burnaby that has pitted its mayor against housing advocates has today seen a meeting between the two.
Local representatives of the group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) met with Derek Corrigan today on the Metrotown Development Plan – which critics argue has seen older apartment buildings torn down in favour of new developments – and turned low-income residents onto the street.

Corrigan had controversially defended the redevelopment in June saying to CKNW “you have to break a few eggs” to see transit-oriented density.
And ACORN’s Matthew Davies says the mayor’s position doesn’t seem to have changed since.
“I have heard that line before but that was very much the tenor of the conversation. Basically, he knows that people are getting hurt, he knows people are being turned out of their homes.”
According to Davies’ account of the meeting, Corrigan blamed the federal and provincial governments for a lack of social housing support.
“He has power at a municipal level which is the zoning of properties in Burnaby, and he just sort of blamed it on everybody and everything else.”
Burnaby’s mayor’s office told CKNW he was unavailable for comment on today’s meeting.
Article by Jeremy Lye for CJOB 680AM