Ottawa ACORN 248 Brittany Dr Tenants Rally

248 Brittany Dr Tenants Rally June 30th 1:00PM

The tenants of 248 Brittany Dr. have been forced to live in fear for their homes and livelihoods FOR YEARS by building property management.They perform illegal and invasive unit inspections, threaten tenants with eviction when they ask for maintenance to come, and have given MULTIPLE tenants illegal N5 eviction notices. 

That's why the ACORN Tenants Union at 248 Brittany is having a rally for their rights and delivering a GIANT N5 to their bully of a property manager. 

Come out to fight alongside 248 Brittany tenants as they DEMAND a meeting with building management and to immediately stop all harassment towards the tenants!

June 30th, 2022 1:00 PM through  3:00 PM
248 Brittany Dr
Ottawa, ON K1K 4R2
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