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License Landlords Now Councillor 📞PHONE BLITZ – Halifax

A special Hlafax Regional Municipality (HRM) wide License Landlords Now Phone Blitz has been called for Friday, Nov 25th at 2PM. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. 

HRM Council and Mayor Savage are stalling. Sitting on a staff report that recommends a landlord registration / licensing system that would enforce the M200 Bylaw!   Why?  Councillors we talk to say they support it, but their inaction speaks to their unwillingness to protect tenants.

At the Phone Blitz you will hear important updates on the License Landlords Now campaign, and join us in collectively calling HRM councillors (and Mayor Savage!) to let them know that landlord licensing should come to a vote at the next HRM council meeting! 



November 25th, 2022 2:00 PM through  3:30 PM