City of Toronto shows support for ACORN $10 and Change campaign!

Posted October 23, 2017

On Monday, October 23rd, ACORN members held a press conference at City Hall to launch their “$10 and Change” campaign for affordable child care. ACORN leaders Kerry-Ann Thomas and Nikkie Edwards spoke to media about the difficulty of finding child care in Toronto. Kerry-Ann spoke directly to politicians, asking them whether they believe the city’s Ten Year Licensed Child Care Growth Strategy is enough for Toronto families. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam spoke in support of “$10 and Change”, calling it a “historical” campaign and urging all three levels of government to support a $10/day cap for child care fees in Toronto and across Ontario.
Following the press conference, the city’s Community Development and Recreation Committee met to discuss Phase One of the Ten Year Licensed Child Care Growth Strategy. After deputations from ACORN leaders Pooria Just and Alejandra Ruiz-Vargas, Councillor Wong-Tam moved a motion asking the committee support ACORN’s $10 and Change campaign. The motion passed unanimously, with an eruption of applause from ACORN members and allies. It’s time for $10 and Change!