CFRA 580: ACORN Ottawa demanding better maintenance of Russell Road apartment building

Residents of an apartment building on Russell Road near Smyth Road say no one should have to live in the conditions they do.
That's why they, along with ACORN Ottawa, held a protest outside the building on Tuesday to demand the property management group do a better job of keeping the building up to code.
Resident Holly Cleasby is pregnant and due to give birth in January; she says unreliable elevators are one of the biggest problems in the building right now.
Cleasby tells CFRA she knows if she goes into labour, she won't be able to walk down four flights of stairs, and she doesn't want to risk getting stuck in a dirty, unreliable elevator.
"If we knew how bad the building and the management was before we moved in in February, we would have chosen a different place, for sure," she says.
Faulty elevators are just one of the problems; Cleasby tells CFRA the building's common areas — like the hallways and stairwells — are filthy, and there's a serious cockroach problem.
Cleasby notes the issues were raised with the landlords at Greenwin Management earlier this year, but no change has come about.
Article by Cassie Aylward for CFRA 580