CFRA 580: ACORN narrows in on ODSP housing allowance for 2015 campaign

Posted March 19, 2015

ACORN Ottawa says the housing allowance provided by the provincial government for people with disabilities needs to go up.
They say their 2015 campaign will be focussed on that issue.
Right now people on ODSP are allocated $479 on their cheques for rent, according to the organization.
Curtis Buletovich , an ACORN member, says waitlists for community housing are often too long, leaving people with disabilities unable to cover the costs of living.
'People living with disabilities have to spending 80 to 90 per cent of their income on housing," he said. 'There's barely enough money for people to afford food."
He says they’re petitioning for a 20 per cent increase, although that increase would still give its recipients a low amount of money to get by on.
Article source: CFRA 580