Burnaby unleashed a monster: Metrotown tenants still being displaced despite hold on demovictions

Posted February 27, 2019

Burnaby, BC  - BC ACORN has uncovered that three developers are continuing to displace Metrotown tenants despite their rezoning applications being put on hold.
ACORN estimates that Intracorp, Anthem, and Blue Sky Properties have vacated 275 units in the Metrotown since summer 2018.
Familes displaced by demovictions in the past seven years
What does the loss of 275 affordable housing units mean for Burnaby’s housing crisis?
  • 9% of Metrotown apartments have been emptied without City approval;
  • 2.3% of all Burnaby’s purpose-built rental units have been lost without City approval;
  • 1,075 affordable units have been lost since 2011, totaling 9% of Burnaby’s purpose-built rental stock.
Burnaby ACORN’s acting chair, Murray Martin, summarizes ACORN’s thoughts on this discovery:
“The City birthed a monster when it upzoned Metrotown. The fact that we forced the previous Mayor and Council to stop hearing rezoning applications was huge. But, just like Frankenstein's monster, stopping the destruction once it has been unleashed is going to difficult.
There are twelve developers with up-zoning applications frozen at City Hall, but only three are pushing tenants out with aggressive buy-outs and intimidation.  While we are fundamentally opposed to any redevelopment in Metrotown, we can appreciate that most developers are doing not what Intracorp, Anthem, and Blue Sky Properties are doing.
The fact is that the people of Burnaby had their say in the last election: they don’t want demovictions or tenant displacement. Mayor Hurley and Council will have to dedicate themselves to stopping tenant displacement.
ACORN suggests that Mayor Hurley starts by putting these developers on notice that they have not been approved for redevelopment, that the City disapproves of pre-emptive tenant displacement, and will take this issue into serious consideration when looking at their rezoning applications moving forward.”
More information:
An ACORN report released last year detailed how these developers were forcing out tenants.  Read the report here


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