Burnaby city council finally taking steps in right direction on demovictions

Posted May 27, 2019

ACORN sees the new rental housing policies that were passed by Burnaby council as a ‘good first step’, but say that more will need to be done to protect existing tenants from demovictions.
Council passed a rental housing framework Monday, May 27th that on Monday night on whether to support a series of proposals aimed at stopping tenant displacement in the Metrotown area, which saw 800 units destroyed in the last few years and replaced by luxury condos. Read more about it here  
“This is light years away from the destruction and displacement mindset that was happening under Corrigan. While we are thankful for that, the legacy of Corrigan’s horrendous housing policies is going to be very difficult to fix. We see this as a first of many steps by Mayor Hurley to make Burnaby affordable and to stop mass tenant displacement that is still happening.” states ACORN's Murray Martin, who is one of the few voices for tenants on the Burnaby Rental Housing Taskforce. 



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