Burnaby ACORN Chapter is Ready for Action

The Burnaby ACORN Chapter is officially up and running!
The June 5th Big Meeting was the Chapter election for Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary. Congratulations to Monica McGovern (Chair), Desiree Wells (Co-Chair), and Jacqueline Hardy (Secretary) for their new roles in Burnaby ACORN.  This meeting also launched the members’ housing campaign for City Council to legalize secondary suites in Burnaby. Burnaby needs more affordable housing options!
On June 12th a meeting was held between Burnaby ACORN members and Burnaby City Councillors Colleen Jordan, Pietro Calendino, Dan Johnston and Anne Kang to discuss housing issues in Burnaby. The meeting was a success with over 60 people attending and a step in the right direction to get Burnaby ACORN working with the city. 
Let’s continue this path forward in Burnaby to get the people’s voice heard!