Burnaby ACORN Anti-Demovictions Victory Rally

Posted July 25, 2018

Last night, 50+ ACORN members and allies came out for a victory rally outside of City Hall.

Two months in a row, Council has rescinded the rezoning applications to demovict hundreds of units from the public hearing agendas. ACORN has been working very hard with our allies to keep the resistance growing, with no sign of slowing down. This has been the largest mass gentrification project in Canada, and we will not stop our fight until there is an immediate moratorium on Demovictions.

We would like to thank our allies, the BCGEU, TSSU, VTU and Force of Nature for coming out and showing your support and solidarity with ACORN, and thank-you to the BCGEU, TSSU and Force of Nature for speaking at last nights rally. The people united will never be defeated!

For more on the campaign, check out: Burnaby ACORN Victory: Cautiously optimistic but our anti-demovictions campaign continues




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