Big Step for Remittance Justice Bill C-665 (Federal), Bill 88 (Ontario) and Bill M215 (BC)

Posted April 17, 2015

Big news on ACORN Canada’s Remittance Justice campaign on both the provincial and federal levels! With the help of ACORN members working hard on this campaign, our allies are stepping up and introducing legislation to cap remittance fees and stop the gouging of low income families sending money home.
In Toronto yesterday, ACORN members joined Ontario NDP MPP Jagmeet Singh and federal NDP MP Peggy Nash to answer questions about the bills they recently introduced - to Ontario and federal parliament, respectively - to limit fees on international remittances. Currently there is no regulation on the fees that can be charged, meaning remittance companies like Western Union and big banks are charging low income people up to 20% to send money to their families back home.
In BC, NDP MLA Jane Shin introduced Bill M215 into the legislature on Wednesday. The bill seeks to cap fees at 5%, aligning them with international standards recommended by the World Bank. BC ACORN members will continue to fight to support this legislation and win fair fees on remittances! 
By working in coordination with different levels of government, our campaign for Remittance Justice ensures that we are charged fair fees, no matter what company or bank we use to send money. Thank you to our allies Peggy Nash, Jagmeet Singh, and Jane Shin for your work on this campaign!