BC Empty Gifts like Empty Promises: ACORN Members Rally for Disability Rights

Posted December 29, 2014

On December 23rd in Burnaby, 22 BC ACORN members braved the pouring rain and December cold to send a letter –and a message - to the provincial government saying that they have had enough of consultations and demand an immediate end to the child support claw back policy. Members gathered at Liberal MLA Richard Lee’s office to make speeches, talk with media, and bring empty gift boxes symbolizing the government’s empty promise of putting BC Families First.
In British Columbia, single parents on income and disability assistance have every dollar of their monthly child support payments clawed back from their assistance cheques. Since 2013, BC ACORN members have been campaigning tirelessly to get the government to end this controversial policy, and after over a year of consulting with organizations, families, parents, and other stakeholders, on December 10, 2014 the government requested yet further consultations before making any decision on the matter.
“This new consultation process runs until the end of February,” exclaimed BC ACORN member Tabitha Naismith, a single mother on assistance who led the action. “Since the (provincial) budget comes out at the beginning of February, does that mean they can put the claw back issue on the back-burner and don’t have to include it in the budget? And how much of taxpayers money is already being wasted on yet another consultation?”
David Little, a single father paying child support to his ex-wife who is on disability assistance, also addressed the crowd saying, “I’ve been paying child support for 10 years, which amounts to about 30 thousand dollars. (This) means the government has clawed back 30 thousand dollars from my kids. This money could have gone into post-secondary education or to increase their quality of life.”
BC ACORN members are demanding that the provincial government stop stalling with consultations immediately and put BC's poorest families first by ending the policy of clawing back child support.
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