BC ACORN: Burnaby goes back to the drawing board as proposed demovictions are put on hold

On Monday, Burnaby City Council decided to scrap the proposed demovictions hearing which could have seen another 85 rental units demovicted.

"Mayor Corrigan must be feeling the heat with an election looming in the fall. ACORN has collected over 400 submissions opposing demovictions in Burnaby and his historical ally, the Burnaby Civic Workers, joined ACORN’s demand for an immediate moratorium on these heartless evictions. We're happy with this step forward; however, we are not letting our guard down. Mayor Corrigan has not called for an end to the evictions and no matter how they dress this up and repackage it, these demovictions have just been delayed. We will keep the pressure on Burnaby City Council and won't stop until there is a moratorium on demovictions and a plan to end the displacement." - Murray Martin, BC ACORN leader.


Burnaby Now: Burnaby pulls demovictions proposal from public hearing