BC ACORN Big Meeting Wrap-Up

bigmeetingA large group of BC ACORN members were able to put questions about our platform straight to NDP critics who may very likely be in prominent positions in the BC Government in a little over a month's time. Here is a recap about what they said about our five platform planks:

Disability Rights: Shane Simpson said clearly that PWD rates are inadequate, but stated that it would not be proper for the NDP to say what increase - if any - would be possible due to them not knowing fully what the budget situation is in the province. He then said the current Liberal Government very likely will have left the government in large debt. On the bright side, he did state that the NDP did think that benefits that people are qualified for should clearly be made easier to access.
Remittance Justice: After great speeches by Miatta Kromah and Gloria Yogyog on the need to regulate the money transfer industry due to the gouging that is commonplace, the NDP compared the situation to Payday loans - something that ACORN and the NDP helped regulate in BC. They said the need to stop the gouging was clear and that they would look into what would need to take place to regulate the industry and cap the rates at 5%! We already know that if elected the BC NDP will clearly be in a position to make history and save millions  being gouged from new Canadians!

Healthy Homes: Joe Transolini - the current NDP housing critic - made it clear that he will work with ACORN to go after bad landlords. While this was more vague than our members had hoped, we will take his word for it for now, and press his feet to the fire if he does become the housing minister in BC, something Sue Collard made very clear to him on his way out at the end of the evening.

$10 a Day Childcare: Much like raising disability rates, the BC NDP were coy on this issue. They said even if they could do it, it would take years - if they could being the key words coming out of Shane Simpson's mouth. We look forward to working with the childcare advocates at any time and any place advocating for this!

Good Wages: Our members want an increase to the Minimum Wage and have it indexed to inflation. The BC NDP critics at our meeting agreed that the minimum wage should go up and be indexed to inflation. Hey! They said that the decision of how high the wage should be set at may not be best decided by politicians at all, but possibly by a citizen committee that is independent of partisan politics - sign ACORN up to be on that Committee!!

The quote of the night was from Gloria Yogyog who warned the crowd about politicians back in her home coutry the Phillipines: "They make promises during the election. 'I'll do that.. I'll do that. I'll do that' they say. But after the election all politicians suffer from amnesia and dementia." Then she added to our BC NDP guests, "we hope you guys don't do that!"