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ACORN Canada members are fighting for affordable and livable housing at all levels of government across Canada.

Nova Scotia ACORN Members Demand a Strengthening of Tenants’ Rights

An Open Letter to MLA Candidates
ACORN members and their allies are coming together to demand a strengthening of tenants’ rights in Nova Scotia. We have identified three key changes that the next government can enact immediately:
·      Bring back rent control to Nova Scotia by re-implementing the Rent Review Act.
·      Revising the Residential Tenancy Act to allow to tenants’ to file a collective complaint against their landlord.

Metro News: Vancouver seeks legal action against problem landlord

An East Hastings landlord is in hot water after letting tenants move in despite numerous safety violations and without the city’s approval.
The owners of 3683 East Hastings St. have been renting 60 apartments in the four-storey building since January 2013 even though it never passed safety inspections after it was extensively damaged by a fire in 2002, according to a report by Carli Edwards, the city’s deputy chief building official.