Affordable Liveable Housing

ACORN Canada members are fighting for affordable and livable housing at all levels of government across Canada.

The Globe & Mail: The urban Atlantic advantage: Work-from-home era offers Halifax more people and more wealth, but at a price

As remote work levels the economic playing field between cities, Nova Scotia is seeing an influx of newly untethered professional workers that will help them meet growth aspirations – and could also exacerbate problems of housing and inequality

Gatineau ACORN stops an illegal eviction! / ACORN de Gatineau arrêt un expulsion illégale!

When Columbus Igboanusi went to visit his home country Nigeria earlier in February, he didn’t expect to be stuck overseas almost 10 months later. When COVID hit worldwide his return flight was cancelled. / Lorsque Columbus Igboanusi est allé visiter son pays d’origine, le Nigeria, plus tôt en février, il ne s’attendait pas à être coincé à l’étranger près de 10 mois plus tard. Lorsque COVIDE a frappé dans le monde entier son vol de retour a été annulé.