ACORN/CCPA New National Predatory Lending Report

ACORN Canada Fair Banking

Posted December 6, 2016

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ACORN Canada and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released the report "Predatory Lending: A Survey of High Interest Alternative Financial Service Users" on Monday. ACORN members across the country held events to announce the launch of the report and to show predatory lenders that we want fair banking!
In Toronto, members held a press conference at the ACORN office and did some social media work. Toronto ACORN leader Donna Borden, who has been out front and centre on this campaign since the beginning, travelled from London Ontario to speak out against predatory lending practices.
In Ottawa, members canvassed in front of banks and payday lenders on Montreal Road in Vanier. Local City Councillor Mathieu Fleury showed up to lend his support. 
And in New Westminster, members braved the snow to hold a press conference outside of Scotiabank (across the street from a Cash Money), and delivered letters to Scotiabank and TD Bank asking for a meeting.
In Nova Scotia ACORN leader Jonethan Brigley did several interviews with several media outlets including News 95.7 radio and the Nova Scotia Advocate!
Other press included CBC, Radio-Canada, Metro News, 1310 News, Le Droit, and Rabble.