ACORN tenants win improvements at 100 Parkway Forest Drive!

Posted December 4, 2014

On Saturday, Fifty ACORN members strong demanded major improvements at their North York apartment building, and it did not take long for problems to start getting dealt with.
A great Saturday action at 100 Parkway Forest Drive led by tenants Aisha Murray, Muhammed Khan and Deina Ibrahim, quickly turned into a productive meeting with local Councilor Shelley Carroll. Timbercreek Communities President, Roly Morris, agreed to a meeting with ACORN members but negotiations broke down when he refused to produce a timeline for much needed building repairs and ACORN members walked out of the meeting as one.
By Monday, Timbercreek had security guards in place to help curb the scourge of break-ins throughout the building and deployed much needed exterminators to deal with the infestation of insects plaguing the building.
ACORN members from 100 Parkway Forest Drive will be joining their fellow members from across the city today to demand that the Toronto Municipal License and Standards office starts taking the problem of substandard living conditions seriously in Toronto high-rises like 100 Parkway Forest Drive. They will also be delivering their complaints to the new Toronto Mayor John Tory to see if he is ready to start helping tenants in this city.