ACORN Tells Toronto City Councillors: Stand Up To Ford, We Need Affordable Housing

Posted November 18, 2019

ACORN members fill the room and gave 5 deputations about the many reasons why low and moderate income people in Toronto can't wait any longer for affordable housing.
ACORN members were adamant that interference from Doug Ford's government is a delay tactic that is just helping developers build more unaffordable condos and make more profit at the expense of regular people.
Councillor Mike Layton joined ACORN in demanding the city craft an Inclusionary Zoning policy, one that should have been ready months ago, rather than wait for the province to act.
We didn't end up winning everything we wanted, but thanks to the support of councillors on the housing committee the city staff responsible will report back in February on what would be possible with an Inclusionary Zoning policy, as well as a report on sites across the city where more affordable housing could be built.
ACORN members will be back in 2020 and won't stop fighting.



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