ACORN statement on Derek Corrigan's eviction from office

Posted October 22, 2018

With Burnaby's newly-elected mayor, Mike Hurley, committing to a moratorium on rezoning Metrotown apartments during his victory speech, Burnaby ACORN members finally have a mayor who doesn't seek to destroy our homes. Burnaby ACORN would like to thank all the ACORN members, allied organizations, and volunteers, who came out over the election period to make sure that demovictions were the top issue in the election.

Mayor Corrigan paid a steep price for mass evicting tenants. That alone is a victory. Politicians continuously undervalue the political power of low-to-moderate income tenants. Corrigan going down is a stark warning to politicians not to trample on us anymore!

Of course, a victory on election day is not going to stop the threat of more demovictions in Burnaby. As a result, we must continue to be organized and push our direct engagement campaigns on the new council, developers, and landlords. Rest assured, we will be doing just that.

Corrigan losing is an indisputable victory for tenants, as a result of the work of ACORN and our allies.

Read ACORN's report on Burnaby's tenant displacement problem here


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