ACORN NS leaders meet with Housing Minister Geoff MacLellan

Posted February 19, 2019

Last week Halifax ACORN leaders Marjorie Pemberton, Fabian Donovan, Catherine Stevens met with the Minister in charge of Housing in Nova Scotia, Geoff Maclellan. The leaders did a great job presenting the Nova Scotia ACORN Housing Platform to the Minister. The platform highlights the following:
  • Within the first year limit rent increase to 0.8%
  • After year 1 rent can only go up with cost of living unless cost of living exceeds 2.5%. At which point 2.5% is the maximum possible increase
  • Rent control to be applied to the unit and not lease
  • Give inclusionary zoning powers over to municipality
  • Municipality to use this tool to require affordable housing units be included in residential developments
  • Increase funding for Metro Regional Housing Authority to deal with repair issues in existing buildings
  • Introduce annual inspections to ensure housing is healthy and livable
It is clear after the meeting that ACORN's fight for affordable and livable housing must continue full steam ahead. 
On rent control the Minister is not convinced this is what the people want based on some stakeholder talks that occurred earlier in the year. Inclusionary zoning is a tool the province say they recognize, and not much dialogue on Metro Housing occurred.
Leaders felt this was a useful meeting as the Minister has invited ACORN to join in key stakeholder talks moving forward. ACORN will be doing that. 
Lastly, the Minister asked for proof that people want real rent control in Nova Scotia.  We said we would be happy to do that!



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