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ACORN Canada

It's been an exciting 2 months, with actions across the country for affordable housing. From a front-page article in the Toronto Star, to big strides moving the Burnaby Anti-Demoviction campaign forward, new organizing drives in Surrey and Montreal, and actions on slumlords in Hamilton, Halifax and Ottawa!

Provincially, we have a new government in Ontario who is quickly taking resources away from low and moderate income communities. Within the first 6 weeks, they have cut $700 - $900 million for social and private housing retrofits, money that was coming from Cap and Trade revenues. And just yesterday, people on OW and ODSP had their promised 3% rate increase slashed in half. The BC government has improved some tenant protections and lowered payday lending interest rates but there is still much more to do to stop the affordability crisis in Metro Vancouver, and desperately needed social assistance and disability rate increases.

Federally, we had a partial victory when Ottawa ACORN leaders met with the Minister of Innovation, who finally declared that high-speed internet is a right and announced a new affordable internet program providing $10/month for low-income parents, starting in the fall. Clearly, we have work to do to expand the program to all people who can't afford high-speed internet. We also met with some top policy officials in the department of finance to discuss our fair banking campaign. We need to keep fighting if we want lower bank fees and fair credit! 

See some highlights below.

ACORN across Canada
Fighting Slumlords in Hamilton
35 ACORN members and allies from across Hamilton rallied to protest escalating harassment and intimidation at a downtown rooming house. Hamilton ACORN will continue fighting for a RentSafe Landlord Registration Program to ensure all rental housing is safe and healthy.
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Burnaby Anti-Demovictions Victory 
50+ ACORN members and allies came out for a victory rally last week, as we won the postponement of two hearings on the displacement of hundreds of tenants. ACORN and allies have been working tirelessly allies to build resistance to the largest mass gentrification project in Canada. 
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Nova Scotia #1 Slumlord
Nova Scotia ACORN members and MetCap tenants rallied outside of MetCap Living's regional offices, to fight for Landlord Licensing to be introduced in the HRM and deliver the number one slumlord award to MetCap Living!
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Tackling Mass Eviction in Herongate
40 ACORN members and allies marched to the Timbercreek Office to demand repairs and an end to the mass evictions. Tenants of Timbercreek argue that Timbercreek has purposely let their units deteriorate so they can push out poor people and rebuild luxury rentals - this is eviction by neglect!
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REAL Affordable Housing in Toronto
This month, Toronto ACORN members rallied for real affordable housing. Members released two reports showing the lack of affordable housing in the City and calling for "affordable housing" to be redefined. As a result of recent pressure, the mayor acknowledged that affordability may need to be redefined and committed to reviewing the definition.
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Online Actions and Resources


  • Check out our debt resource hub here. Access tools and information to help you deal with debt and high-interest lending.
  • Visit our training site for free access to resources to help you mobilize in your community.

Online Actions

  • Toronto needs to a definition of "affordable housing" that meets our needs! Take action here.
  • We're calling for a moratorium on demovictions in Burnaby. Sign our petition here.
  • Tell your MP: "We need fair banking!" here.