ACORN members fight back FORD!

Posted on 12 December 2019
The last provincial day of action of Year 2019 was joined by members across Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa to fightback against the cuts initiated by Doug Ford which has severe implications for the lives of the people, especially those who are low income and vulnerable. This is a brief report of what members did across the cities to Fightback Ford.
Hamilton: Hamilton ACORN members petitioned in downtown Hamilton for the last Ford Fight Back action of the year! Members are demanding the Province bring forward legislation that makes childcare affordable for families. Members talked to folks about the high costs of childcare and the need for fees to be capped at $10/day. ACORN Hamilton wraps up a year of actions fighting for a government for the people!
Ottawa: Ottawa ACORN members joined the Ottawa Health Coalition's stadium rally to protest Doug Ford's attacks on our health care system including attempts to privatize and cut essential jobs and services.
Toronto: In Toronto, members rallied outside Conservative MPP for Scarborough Centre Christina Mitas’ office in the Lawrence and Warden area. Families in Toronto are paying up to $1500 a month for childcare; in consequence, the rally revolved around ACORN’s demands for a $10 a day childcare program from the provincial government. Our members gave speeches sharing their personal experiences with expensive childcare. Maranatha Montina said she spends $1000 on childcare every month; she’s struggling to buy her children’s formula because of the cost of daycare.
Attempts were made to enter the MPP’s constituency office to deliver ACORN’s letter of demands however, no one was in the building. Member Sheila Prospere taped the letter of demands to the office’s door; other members taped flyers on the windows to draw attention to the issue. ACORN members also stood in solidarity and took pictures with OSSTF members who were at the same location demanding an end to the increase in class sizes. ACORN members petitioned the teachers who agreed with the need to demand affordable childcare for families.
As we Approach 2020, our fight is going to continue!




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