ACORN Members Fight Back Against Ford's Cuts!

Posted August 9, 2019

ACORN members and allies from across Ontario joined together yesterday to fight back against the Ford government’s cuts to ODSP and affordable housing measures.
31 ACORN members, and allies from other groups came together to fight back against Ford's cruel changes to ODSP. ACORN members met up in downtown Toronto outside of Wellesley TTC, where Jan Belgrave gave a speech outlining why we were there today: the planned change to the definition of disability which would make it almost impossible for people to qualify for ODSP.
Members then marched to the ODSP office at Wellesey and Jarvis where we chanted, read our demand letters and spoke with CityNews about the issue. Staff the the ODSP office received our demand letter and members discussed the next Ford Fightback event on Thursday September 12th, targeting the Ministry of Housing.
Vanier ACORN members and citywide chair Blaine Cameron led a petition action opposing Doug Ford's Bill 108. 11 members hit the streets in Vanier to fight against the bill's WEAK Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) policy changes that will limit IZ to areas around major transit stations, leaving neighbourhoods like Vanier with no transit hub prey to condo developers and luxury rentals. 
ACORN Hamilton members petitioned in Downtown Hamilton to bring attention to the Ford Government's gutting of inclusionary zoning powers to cities. ACORN members talked to people about what Bill 108 means for Hamilton as well as the province's gutting of rent control and cuts to social housing. Many of the people members spoke to shared concerns of struggling to pay rent and had experienced being renovicted. To make sure Minister Steve Clark got our message, we made a few calls to his office to demand strong inclusionary zoning powers be restored!




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