ACORN Members do a Phone Action Demanding Internet for All During & Beyond the Pandemic

Posted on April 22, 2019

Internet for All Phone Action

At a time when the need for access to reliable and affordable internet is greater than ever, members of ACORN across Canada did a phone action. Targeting the CRTC, provincial governments and telecom companies, members shared their concerns and demanded FREE internet for ALL low-income people. Here is a brief account of what members did in BC, Ontario and Nova Scotia.

British Columbia: We had great turnout in BC. Around 25 members called the CRTC Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Ian Scott and left voice messages. We also called the Vice-Chairperson, Christianne Laizner and left voice messages as well. Our members agreed to do this action every week. The next Video Rally for this campaign will be on April 28, 2020. Our members also did individual calls to all other relevant provincial government officials and internet companies and left voice messages.

Ontario: Dozens of ACORN members from Ontario came out to demand internet for all. Hosted by Toronto, members went over why internet is more essential than ever during a pandemic and why the Federal Government needs to mandate free internet for low income people, right now. Calls were made to Ian Scott, Chairman of the CRTC, as well as MP Navdeep Bains & the 'investor relations' line at BCE - the parent company of Bell Media Inc. 

Nova Scotia: A dozen people called the CRTC chairman and commissioner for Atlantic Canada, people at the Minister of Innovation's office, Eastlink and BCE. We got good response from the CRTC who said they would get back to us within the week.



NOVA SCOTIA NEWS 95.7: ACORN Member at 31:00 -



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