ACORN Members Deeply Disappointed by Province's New Inclusionary Zoning Regulations

Posted December 20, 2017

ACORN is disappointed in the regulations for Inclusionary Zoning brought forward by the Housing Minister, Peter Milczyn. Sadly, the proposed regulations are so ill-designed and weak that cities will be unable to create any real, long-term, affordable housing by enacting inclusionary zoning laws.  
In the coming weeks, ACORN will be working with partners to determine what policy recommendations we will put forward to salvage this once-promising legislation. 
More importantly, ACORN will be mobilizing our province-wide membership to make it clear to every Liberal MPP that we are demanding vast improvements to these regulations.
It is ACORN's position that new housing developments need to include deeply affordable units and that municipal governments should be allowed to mandate this real affordability using inclusionary zoning powers granted by the province. 
Inclusionary Zoning was never going to end the housing crisis in Ontario; a massive injection of new social housing buildings is needed to do that. However, by not giving municipalities real powers to build affordable housing in their cities, the province is wasting an important tool the cities could be utilizing.