ACORN members and allies demand a Rent Freeze and Rent Control

ACORN members and allies marching to demand a Rent Freeze and Rent Control
Posted on March 12, 2020
Close to 200 members of ACORN from across the province and allied organizations (Parkdale People's Economy, FMTA and others) gathered today to demand a RENT FREEZE and  REAL RENT CONTROL!  The province of Ontario is reeling under housing crisis, which has only worsened in the past few years. Despite committing to stand for the people, Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, scrapped rent control in all new buiildings, thus compounding the crisis. Moreover, there is no vacancy control, which means that landlords can raise the rents to any amount as soon as a tenant moves out.
In light of these concerns, ACORN members got together to put pressure on the government to put in place real housing solutions. Our demands are:
  • Bring back Rent Control to all buildings.
  • Introduce Vacancy Control which will ensure that landlords are not able to increase rents by any amount once tenants move out.
Members delivered an Eviction Notice to Steve Clark, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. We chanted and marched to Queen's Park, the Provincail Government to draw attention to the concerns of ACORN members. We also delivered letters to Doug Ford and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. 
We were joined by several MPPs from the ONDP (Suze Morrison, Faisal Hassen, Jill Andrew, Chris Glover, Joel Harden  and City Councillor Mike Layton) who gave speeches and stood by us in solidarity.
As we continue our fight for affordable housing, the Government has introduced a new Protecting Tenants and Community Housing Act 2020. There appears to be some improvements like  tenants may receive up to 12 months compensation after they are renovicted. However, we need legislation that STOPS  tenant displacement!  Further, there are concerning measures like making it easier for landlords to give tenants fines. 





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