ACORN leaders applaud proposed ONDP $12/day child care boost

Posted April 18, 2018

$12/day child care was a key promise revealed in the Ontario NDP’s platform, released earlier this week. ACORN leaders welcome this proposed investment, which would see free, licensed child care for families earning below $40,000 with sliding scale fees averaging $12/day for everyone else.

The platform also proposes immediate increases to ECE wages and a phased 51% increase in affordable child care spaces across the Province.

ACORN Canada leader, Alejandra Ruiz-Vargas says, “We are excited to see the ONDP come out with a comprehensive and immediate program, and that two of the three major political parties see childcare as an election issue."

If elected, the Ontario NDP’s investment in child care would provide a huge boost for low and moderate income Ontarian families, who currently pay the highest child care fees in Canada. ACORN is excited to see child care emerge as a key election issue. Our recent child care survey (available here) revealed that 61% of respondents cited high fees as a barrier to accessing licensed child care, while 93% of respondents said they were either likely or very likely to vote for a candidate who makes affordable child care a key campaign issue in the provincial election.

In their recent budget, the Ontario Liberals revealed their plans for affordable childcare, pledging free, licensed child care for preschoolers. Although welcomed as a step in the right direction by ACORN leaders, the Liberals’ plan fails to provide a solution for parents of children under the age of two and a half. Infant fees tend to be the highest of all age groups, leaving many low and moderate income families struggling to make ends meet for the first years of their child’s life.

So far, the Ontario PCs have acknowledged that child care is an issue but did not commit to funding the Liberal’s program if elected, or provide an alternative. ACORN leaders look forward to comparing all parties’ platforms over the coming weeks.