Posted on 16th December 2020

ACORN CAPREIT Tenant Union continued its campaign for a fundamental overhaul of CAPREIT’s business model this week, with actions held across the country. CAPREIT CEO Mark Kenney got a taste of what is to come if he continues to ignore the demands for a meeting with tenants.  Bottom line - ACORN means business and will be escalating and accelerating our campaign until tenants get what they deserve: affordable housing free of predatory landlord practices! 

Here is a recap: 

Ottawa - A brave and resilient group of tenants at Alta Vista Tower, led by Cole Perry, placarded their local CAPREIT building office after low-level staff threatened to call the police on their own tenants. ACORN members are rarely fazed by such lame tactics, understanding their fundamental right to organize and to ask for a meeting with their own landlord!  Despite the shenanigans by building management, ACORN made their point with this action, are stronger for it, and have plans to go to the head Ottawa CAPGREED office in the new year! 

Whitby - It takes a level of deep commitment to be positive in the face of a barrage of predatory CAPREIT rent increases, but that is EXACTLY what tenants on White Oaks Court are doing. The first ever ACORN action in Whitby, led and organized by Nasar Nader, was a fightback against the third Above the Guideline Increase to rent that White Oaks tenants have seen in the last four years.  This increase, which is very likely to be approved by the biased Landlord Tenant Board in Ontario, is based on a three million dollar property tax increase levied by the City of Whitby in 2018 and 2019. The irony!  CAPREIT, the investment trust that pays near zero in corporate taxes, is ALSO allowed to pass on municipal taxes to tenants due to the archaic rent control laws in Ontario. 

Halifax - The Chronicle Herald, the major paper in Nova Scotia, knew what was up and came out to our Halifax CAPGREED action at the Harbourview Towers. After getting word that hundreds of tenants are living without heat in the middle of December, Halifax Peninsula ACORN Secretary - and former CAPREIT tenant -  Aidan Tompkins led a great lobby meeting and phone blitz to city bylaw. Tenants are sick of no maintenance, pest issues, and unfair evictions and are demanding the CAPREIT stop using slumlord tactics against them!  

Mississauga - Peel ACORN mainstay Robin Vanderfleet visited her local CAPREIT office in Dixie Bloor.  Being a pioneer of the CAPREIT ACORN Tenant Union, actions are not new for Robin.  This one may have been more low key than other actions recently, but big things are planned for the new year with a major push to expand the union to the numerous CAPREIT buildings across Peel region just outside of Toronto.

Montreal - Tenants, led by LaSalle ACORN’s Pierre Kadjo, descended upon CAPREIT offices in Côte-des-Neiges demanding that ACORN CAPREIT Tenant Union leaders get a meeting with CEO Marc Kenney.  The determined group would not give up despite CAPREIT management locking tenants out of their own office.  After repeated and humorous attempts to gain access to the building, ACORN Montreal finally gained access by piggybacking into the office with a willing postal worker and CUPW-STTP member (SOLIDARITY FOREVER!).  A great start for the Syndicat des Locataires ACORN CAPREIT!!  

Toronto - After all those actions you know we had to go to the belly of the beast - the CAPREIT head office in downtown Toronto!  Toronto ACORN were thwarted by security in their attempt to award CEO Mark Kenney with the Grinch of the Year Award!  It’s surprising that after working all year to make life unaffordable for thousands of tenants, Mark Kenney didn’t want the award!  He certainly deserves it. ACORN members ended the action by taping up dozens of CAPGREED Cockroaches on the windows of the head office. What fun! 

We will share the press from the event and hope that you can share it far and wide. 

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