650 Parliament Displaced Tenants Demand Homes & Accountability

Toronto ACORN Parliament St

Posted September 5, 2018

Over 700 residents have been forced out of their homes at 650 Parliament St. in Toronto, due to a fire which started in the electrical room of the building. It has been over a week, and many tenants have been left with nowhere to sleep. Seniors, children, and even pregnant women have been forced into temporary shelters in community centres and have been given no answers from the building owner, property manager or Mayor John Tory about where they will be living over the next few months.
Over 80 tenants and ACORN members marched from their vacant building to the property management office to present their demands to be immediately housed in safe and stable hotels or apartments, as well as allowances for the increased food and transit costs they are incurring due to the fire and lack of action to house them. The property manager from G&S Group of Companies immediately barred the doors and had security keep tenants from presenting their letter. 
However, the property manager, Doug Sartell, gathered his courage to hold a closed door press conference later on, telling tenants they'd be lucky to be home by Thanksgiving!
ACORN will be continuing to escalate this campaign through a series of actions until our demands are met and our voices heard. Hundreds of children are returning to school without a home to do homework in and Mayor Tory is telling people that the displaced tenants' best hope is a stranger's home. This is not good enough!
Check out the awesome press below, and stay tuned.